Benefits of Dental Implants

Our team at The Canyon Lake Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is excited to restore your beautiful teeth with dental implants here in Canyon Lake, TX.

The best dental implants can support single tooth crowns, implant bridges, and denture implants to restore your missing teeth. But did you know that these small titanium implants have so many more advantages for your oral health than your average tooth restoration procedure?

How Can You Benefit From Dental Implants?

Permanent tooth loss happens to many people—but we are here to help in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Missing teeth can make life harder in many ways, affecting the following:

  • Chewing: Missing teeth make it uncomfortable to chew and limit your diet. You may even suffer from malnutrition.
  • Speech: Missing teeth change the way you speak and may make it difficult to enunciate the way you always have.
  • Appearance: Of course, missing teeth impact your smile, but they also change your facial structure if left untreated.
  • Jaw: Tooth loss leads to jawbone deterioration, depleting the function and strength of your jaw.

Prevent the prematurely aged appearance and the daily stress of missing teeth by filling in your smile. The truth about dental implants is that they are the most reliable way to bring your full and complete smile back to life.

They can improve your life in many ways.

Implants Can Keep Your Smile Healthy For a Lifetime

How long do dental implants last? With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last as long or longer than your natural teeth.

Implant-supported teeth have been shown to last 25 years or longer!

Improve Your Smile and Keep Your Youthful Appearance

Implants will look just as good as your original teeth—if not better! Your dental implant will be the right shape and size to look and feel natural in your mouth, and will also be color-matched with its neighboring teeth so it will blend in seamlessly when you smile.

Additionally, replacing the root of your missing tooth instead of just the visible surface will strengthen your jawbone and facial structure. This can keep you looking young and healthy for years to come!

Care for Your Restorations With Ease

You won’t have to worry about any extra maintenance after receiving a dental implant.

Standard dental care like regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits will be enough to keep both your natural teeth and your dental implants healthy and looking good.

Bolster Your Oral Health and Jawbone Strength

One of the lesser known benefits of dental implants is that receiving one or more implants will help maintain your jawbone. When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the jawbone underneath begins to deteriorate from lack of use. This deterioration will weaken your jaw and may also change the appearance of your face and shape of your jaw to make you look older.

Fortunately, placing a dental implant can stop these negative consequences almost immediately. Thanks to dental implants, your jaw health can last longer and you can continue to have a youthful appearance.

Speak and Smile With Confidence

It’s unfortunately easy to feel self-conscious when you’re missing one or more permanent teeth. Missing teeth are often noticeable when speaking or smiling, and having those missing teeth can leave you wondering whether people are looking at the gaps in your smile rather than simply enjoying yourself at work, school, or any other social gathering.

Single dental implants or implant bridges can fill those holes in your smile so well that no one will be able to tell those implants aren’t your natural teeth at all. You’ll be able to smile, speak, and laugh without ever worrying that people are scrutinizing your teeth.

Relax With Your Favorite Foods in Social Gatherings

Just like missing teeth can be problematic, if you’re currently living with unsecured dentures you know how embarrassing it can be to have your dentures slide out of place, particularly in social situations.

Loose dentures can affect your speech at the most inconvenient times and can cause discomfort when food gets stuck under the plate. With dental implants, you can secure your dentures to prevent any slipping and sliding.

Schedule Your Implant Consultation in Canyon Lake Today!

It’s easy to feel self-conscious about missing teeth or unpredictable dentures, whether you’ve been living with the problem for days or years. To see what a difference implants can make in your smile, call The Canyon Lake Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today!

Replacing missing teeth or securing dentures with our comfortable, natural-looking dental implants can help you feel proud of your smile again—both in pictures and in person.