Salivary Testing

Dr. Robbie Schaack is proud to provide OraVital and OralDNA advanced salivary testing to his patients. These tests result in high accuracy diagnoses and more effective treatments.

What is Salivary Testing?

Salivary testing is a predictable way to discover hidden health risks. These innovative salivary testing systems are able to find those threatening pathogens that may be undetectable during a physical exam.

OraVital and OralDNA testing will increase patient health and comfort. When your dentist detects oral health threats early, treatment is noninvasive and symptoms are minimal. The longer these hidden pathogens go unnoticed, the more complications may arise.

Salivary testing can:

  • Detect the bacteria that causes gum disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and premature birth
  • Tell the patient more about their genetic predisposition for gum disease, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Tell your dentist more about your unique treatment needs
  • Determine if you are at high risk for oral cancer

We believe that all patients can benefit from having an awareness of their whole body health and their risk levels for various diseases.

How Does It Work?

OraVital and OralDNA uses microbiology testing that is pain-free for the patient. There are no needles or blood tests involved—just mouth rinses and oral swabs.

You will come into the office to complete a gentle oral rinsing procedure. The patient will swish a small amount of sterile saline throughout the mouth for about 30 seconds. We will send your sample to a lab to discover your results.

Contact our office to schedule a salivary testing. This brief and comfortable test will help our professionals learn countless crucial details about your oral and whole body health.

Salivary testing allows us to care for our patients with greater precision. If you’re interested in learning more about the oral-systemic health connection or salivary testing, please call us at Canyon Lake Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today.