A Progressive Dental Wellness Center in Rural Texas


To help empower individuals with the health, education, and self-confidence they need to realize their God-given potential in life.

Core Values

Patient Education: Knowledge is power, and an important component that will enable you to make positive changes in your life. We ensure all appointments are scheduled with adequate time so that you are always fully informed and educated.
Highest standards of care: Our providers complete significantly more CE hours each year than required by the state board and are committed to providing you with the latest and greatest care that dentistry has to offer.
Treat everyone like family: No matter what your background or challenges look like, whether you come to our office as a long-time patient, new patient, or non-patient, you will be accepted by our whole team with acceptance, nurturing, and love. You can expect that your treatment recommendations and quality of care will be the same as for our own family members.
Patient choice: We never try to “sell” you on anything, but we will always make sure you are fully informed of your options, so that you are in an educated position to make the best decisions for yourself, based on your unique individual goals for your oral and general health.

Practice Philosophy

We are in an exciting era in a profession that is advancing at a very fast pace! This is allowing us to provide numerous life-changing services for patients that were not available just a decade ago. Whether it’s treatment for snoring, heart attack and stroke prevention, cosmetic smile makeovers, or a more complicated full mouth rehabilitation, the continual education that Dr Schaack and his entire team are constantly pursuing enable us to make big differences for our patients!

We believe in the importance of not only being a great tooth mechanic, but assuming a greater responsibility in recognizing and caring for each patient’s total health needs. Latest scientific research has given both the dental community a wake-up call on the critical relationships between oral and many other systemic health conditions. We know now that oral diseases can have a dangerous effect on other aspects of your health. We also know that the mouth is a window that informs us of signs of many other medical conditions. We take our stewardship over your oral health very seriously.


Our goal for all of our patients is excellent oral health. We want you to look good, feel good, have strong teeth and gums, and have a healthy and attractive smile that lasts a lifetime.

Our commitment is to make sure that the very latest knowledge that can be found in the care of your oral and overall well-being is what you are getting from us, and that you are getting it in a comfortable, loving, and compassionate manner.

If you believe our values and philosophy of care is the right fit for you, we would love to meet you! Give us a call today!